Make the Call Day: Indiana Lifeline Law

One of our beliefs at IU SACS is in being your brother or sister’s keeper; looking out for your friends. This applies to many areas of life outside of sexual assault — making sure your friends don’t feel left out or alone during group outings, helping someone catch the correct bus, or telling it to a friend straight when they’re about to make a stupid decision. One of the most important ways to be your brother or sister’s keeper is to look out for their physical health and safety.

Since 2004, over 24 Hoosiers under the age of 21 have lost their lives from alcohol poisoning. ( At the beginning of this semester, the IU community lost a vibrant and caring new freshman, Rachael Fiege. Ms. Fiege fell down the stairs at a party and was found to be unresponsive. Fellow students didn’t call 911 until hours after her fall, and her parents took her off life support on Saturday, August 23.

It is possible that if students had known about the Indiana Lifeline Law, Ms. Fiege would have lived. With that in mind, there is an event tomorrow, Tuesday, October 1, to educate students about the Lifeline Law. The event is from 7 to 8:30 pm in the IMU Alumni Hall (near the Starbucks in the Union). It is presented by the IUSA, Culture of Care, Union Board, the Health Center, and OASIS. For those who cannot attend, IUSTV will be there to record it. We’ll post the link as soon as we have access to it. Please, if you can, come out for Make the Call Day!


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