Self-Care Sunday: Create Your Own Self-Care Kit!

Sometimes when you are feeling low, the last thing you want to do is go work really hard at finding ideas for how to take care of yourself. So why not prepare a go-to “self-care kit” ahead of time? That way, when you are having a rough day, you will have the tools to take care of yourself right at your fingertips!

You Will Need:
Comforting items (books, stuffed animals, cozy clothes, journals, etc.)
A container (shoebox, cute tote bag, basket)
Art supplies (wrapping paper, stickers, markers, etc.)

There are so many different ways to make a self-care kit because we all have different things that make us feel good. I decided to make my OWN self-care kit (because let’s be real, I don’t want to just fling un-tested ideas at y’all) and document the process in photos to share it with my readers. So, here goes!

Step One: Gather supplies.
Step Two: Make choices about what to include in the kit! (Tip: Use this acronym to choose things — you want objects that will help you be CALM — Comfort, Activities, Love, and Mind. More on this later.)
Step Three: Add a note with non-box-able items & ideas.
Step Four: Decorate box.
Step Five: Place items neatly in box and put it in a convenient place!

First, I gathered what I could find around my apartment — no need to go spend money on this!

I have a shoebox, wrapping paper, and then the STUFF that will go into the box. I wanted to make sure I had a variety of objects, because self-care is really a holistic activity where your goal is to nurture wellness in ALL aspects. What I wanted was to CALM my senses — Comfort, Activity, Love, and Mind. It’s important to try and hit on several of the senses, too. So here’s what I have in my box:

Comfort : a scented candle (sense of smell), sugar cookie tea (sense of taste), cozy socks (sense of touch) and fancy lotion (touch AND smell).
Activity: a yoga routine, a reminder to go on a photo-walk, and markers for drawing and doodling
Love: photos of family & friends, notes from loved ones, my stuffed animal IU bulldog from my boyfriend, a reminder to call my best friend when I’m feeling down
Mind: A novel to read (a comforting one by Sarah Dessen which I’ve read about a dozen times), a book of word puzzles and a pencil, and my journal

fake candle!

Note: If you live in the dorms, you should NOT have any kind of fire, like a candle. But don’t worry, there is a solution! Battery operated candle + good smelling sachet = good to go.

I also have an index card with a few ideas on it of things that you can’t really put in a box. Here’s my card:


(Don’t stress if you make a mistake. Just turn it into a weird scribble heart, like I did.)

Next I decorated the lid of my shoebox. This does not require much in terms of skill (nor is it necessary) — if it did, my box would have been on Pinterest Fails because I am the least crafty person ever. Seriously, when I try to make those “adorable and oh-so-easy!” crafts online, it looks like they were made by a sleepy three-year-old no matter how hard I try. ANYWAY. So all I did was wrap the box top! And because you only really see the outside, the mess of tape that I used to shellac it down is irrelevant!

Then, nestle the objects into the box and VOILA!!! A self-care kit!

finished insidefinished outside


One response to “Self-Care Sunday: Create Your Own Self-Care Kit!

  1. Great ideas, Laura!

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