Self-Care Sunday: Practice The Art of Thankfulness

[A personal note: so sorry for missing the past two weeks of self-care Sundays! I hope you took care of yourself regardless of my reminder. Two weeks ago was our Fall Break at IU and I tried to “unplug” as much as possible, and last weekend I got engaged (!!!) and, well, I didn’t know it was coming so I didn’t plan for it and missed another deadline! But now I am back on track just in time for the start of November.]

Today I want to talk about thankfulness.

Being thankful for the things you already have, or still have even after a tragedy, is a wonderful way to take care of yourself. Just taking the time to pause and reflect can really make a difference in your mood. Creating a list of things you are thankful for is also a way to create another self-care tool: the list becomes basically a directory. When you practice the art of thankfulness, you tune your mind to pay attention to the positives in your life. In my experience, even taking just a few minutes each evening to think back over your day and name at least one good thing can make your mind more at peace as you go to sleep. So this week my wonderful (and artistically talented) fiancé David created a beautiful Thankfulness Tree for you to print out and use to record the things you are grateful for in the weeks coming up to Thanksgiving!

Make a color printout of this file, and each day from now until Thanksgiving*, just write one word in a leaf representing something you are grateful for. (You may want to keep track of a longer explanation of it in a journal, Word document, or another sheet of paper.) By Thanksgiving Day, you will have a beautiful keepsake to share with your friends & family, and a visual reminder of all that you have to be thankful for.

Happy November, Hoosiers!

* Okay, so there are 29 leaves — one for each day of November up to Thanksgiving Day…plus one. So pick one day when you’re doubly thankful and write two! And anyway, you will have to catch up because you aren’t getting this until November 3rd. Shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a few extra to begin 🙂



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