Self-Help Sunday: Books, Movies, and Television, OH MY!


To me, at least, that word has unfortunate, negative connotations. I remember an older relative scolding me for escaping into The Lord of the Rings when I was a teenager — ‘brave people don’t escape their problems with fantasy!’

Almost ten years later, I look back on what he said to me, and I  realize that not only was it unkind (I knew that at the time), but it’s also totally false.

Brave people need to take care of themselves just as much as the next person. In fact, I often find that after taking time to care for myself, I am more empowered to make brave choices the next day. And in a culture that pushes us to “go go go” all the time, making the choice to care for yourself is actually pretty radical and courageous.

If escapism works for you, then go for it (in moderation…as always!). Often the image of self-care is that it needs to be very health-focused and new age…and maybe lying in bed watching Netflix doesn’t have the same vibe as doing yoga at sunrise. But both are equally valid ways of caring for yourself.

Check out sites like for free TV and movies, and visit your local library for books and DVDs.


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