Self-Care Sunday: Laugh Out Loud

Hey Hoosiers! Hope everyone enjoyed the snow this weekend and stayed safe. Wintertime, though it has its plus sides, can be a difficult time. You go home for the holidays and remember that home life is not as rosy as it seemed in your memory — not to mention a lot less interesting than dorm life. It can be easy to get stuck in the doldroms when its cold and dark outside.

Lots of the self-care ideas we’ve discussed can help you make it through winter break. But another good go-to one is to laugh. Laughter helps relax your muscles and releases endorphins. Even at difficult times, a good laugh can work wonders for your body and mind. I put together a list of links to some websites that will hopefully get you to at least chuckle a bit.

First of all, check out our Pinterest board of funny stuff:

Many newspaper comics have web presences if you are craving the classics. I found links for Pearls Before Swine, Zits, Garfield, and Calvin & Hobbes.

There are also tons of great webcomics. Two of my favorites are Hyperbole and a Half and XKCD. XKCD is excellent for geeks of all stripes, and Hyperbole and a Half literally makes me cry with pained laughter on a regular basis.

Other websites to check out include Dog Shaming and the wonderful “LOL” lists on BuzzFeed.

Maybe books are more your style than websites — or maybe your family is going to an internet-free vacation destination over break (eek!). If so, drop by your local library or bookstore and try books by David Sedaris, Laurie Notaro, or anything from the humor section (that’s where the comics are). If you’d prefer more of a novel approach, try Terry Pratchett or even kids’ novels — two of my favorite authors for young people are Louise Rennison (of Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging) or M.E. Castle (the Popular Clone series proved embarrassing to read on the subway when everyone stared at me, the young woman crying with laughter in her business clothes).

Finally, there is that veritable treasure trove of funny things online: YouTube. Obviously there are more videos than there are stars in the sky and I can’t provide a complete list of funny YouTube videos, but here are some of my favorite family-friendly options:

Tennessee Ernie Ford’s performance of Children Go Where I Send Thee with silly kids driving him up the wall is a good one to share with your grandparents.

Kristen Bell’s Sloth Meltdown may help you explain your new overemotional college friend to your parents. (Note: This video is basically a photo of my personality.)

Your cousin who is into musical theatre may enjoy the Stanley Steemer variations.

Geeks will enjoy this funny Harry Potter video and the Dalek Relaxation Tape.

For lovers of German and travelers of Europe there is always the Times Square Coat advertisement.

And there there is the endless series of funny/cute animal videos. Some of my personal favorites:

Sad French Bulldog listening to Adele.

Dog With Baguette.

Embarrassed Barking Cat.

Elephant sneezing.

Dog in boots.

The dog that loves iceberg lettuce, nature’s blandest vegetable, more than you love ANYTHING.

Dog being taunted with potential snacks.


2 responses to “Self-Care Sunday: Laugh Out Loud

  1. It’s not a funny website, but it will give you the warm fuzzies: features baby animals from a variety of species. And searching YouTube for “baby moose sprinkler” and “baby elephant pool” will yield some laugh-inducing results.

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