Self-Care Sunday: Care for your Body

For many people, mental health is one thing, and physical health is another. But more and more, we are beginning to see that that is not the case. Caring for your mind means caring for your body — and vice-versa. Some of this is common sense. How many times have you had a bad day, gone to sleep sad, and woken up feeling better? Or noticed that you were snapping at your loved ones only to feel way happier & calmer after having something to eat?

Getting the right amount of sleep (about 8 hours a night for most of us) makes a big difference in your mood. Drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced diet can stave off headaches and crabbiness. Pampering and caring for your body in more intentional ways can be a great way to care for your whole self. Gentle stretching and yoga exercises can do wonders for sore muscles — often a result of stress and tension. Putting on favorite music (see last week’s post) and painting your nails can be a relaxing activity in and of itself. A hot shower can be comforting and help you feel clean and put-together even when you struggle to do other ‘normal’ activities.

We’ve gathered some good physical self-care posts on our Pinterest page. Check out a selection:

This adorable bunny yoga chart goes through the steps of a Sun Salutation and is a perfect printable.

For sleep, we have an infographic about naps plus links to a Nap Clock and a website that calculates the best time to go to bed or set your alarm for based on REM cycles and such, to help you wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

We also have a list of healthy foods that can help you feel better when you’re down and some easy and affordable ideas for at-home pampering treatments like skin treatments & lip scrubs.

Take care of your body — it does so many amazing things for you each and every day! Happy Sunday everyone!




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