Self-Care Sunday: Make Something

Wow, winter can be dreary. After days and days of feeling stuck inside, you may be getting a bit stir-crazy. I certainly am. Often, I find that creating something can be a wonderful release for those pent-up cabin-fever itchies. This can vary widely depending on your supplies, on what you need or want…all of that. Here are some simple ideas to hopefully inspire you to get off your booty and make something!

Things to make:

1. Food

This is most available to those of us with kitchens and less so for the dorm-dwellers. But even those of you with little on hand besides a microwave can still do something. This Pinterest board has microwave-friendly recipes. Food is also a great way to brighten other peoples’ day or make friends. Live alone and don’t want to make tons of food? Bake a batch of cookies or brownies to give out to your co-workers, classmates, or friends. Or invite a few friends over and make dinner together. Cooking is creative and can also be social. Plus, everyone needs to eat! CheapCooking.Com has lots of affordable and easy recipes just right for your tight budget and picky taste-buds.

2. Cards

Creating greeting cards for any occasion (birthdays, holidays, or just random Wednesdays) is fun, relaxing, and much appreciated by the recipient. It can even make you feel less lonely to work on something you know you’ll give someone else. So gather paper, scissors, glue or tape, and maybe magazine cutouts or stickers, and create a masterpiece to share. Basic instructions can be found here as well as inspiration and Martha Stewart’s fancy ideas.

3. Poems

Poetry is a wonderfully flexible medium that can provide a healthy place to express your feelings. It can public and shared with friends, it can be private and kept locked away, or you can show it to a close loved one or counselor to express what you are going through. However you use it, poetry is a free way to express yourself. All you need is a pen & paper or a keyboard and your already brilliant mind. I have three websites that may help you as you try to write a poem. WikiHow’s How To Write a Poem is a good basic starter post to read. Oprah and Poet’s & Writers Magazine both have prompts and tips as well. Remember that your poem can be anything you want. It can be a cute rhyming ditty about your favorite pet, a long formless poem about your darkest feelings, an expression of your love life, your religious faith, your love of reading — anything. You can write a poem about death or a poem about lemons. That’s the beautiful thing about poetry!

There are MANY other things to make: art, crafts, whatever. We have a whole bunch on our Pinterest board and will keep adding more.

What’s your favorite thing to make? Leave your answer in the comments!


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