Self-Care Sunday: Take a Break

[Whoops: This was queued to post yesterday while I was driving from New York back to Indiana but something went wrong. Here’s the post one day late!) Welcome back from Spring Break! (groan)

With the end of the semester looming in the near future, it can easily seem like you have to be GO-GO-GOing all the time. But spending hours on end doing homework or chores can make you sluggish and sad, or can lead to an epic stress-induced meltdown (not that I’ve ever had one of those of course).  Taking breaks can give your brain time to mull concepts over subconsciously and increase your mood — thus making you actually more productive overall. Taking a 5 – 10 minute break every 45 minutes or so can really help you get lots done and also take care of you, which is, after all, your priority. 🙂

But what can you do in 5 – 10 minutes? Well, lots…

First things first, SET A TIMER. Use your cell phone or this free online hourglass.
Avoid “starting” a TV show (aka, getting sucked into a 45-minute-episode), taking a nap, or anything that could end up making you feel crummy or sluggish rather than energized.
Here’s a Five-Minute Desk Yoga routine to stretch your muscles relax, and wake up.
Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and a healthy snack.
Walk around the block.
Listen to a favorite song.
Read a few pages of a fun book.
Watch a funny YouTube video.
Try a guided meditation (2, 5, or 10 minute options as well as longer ones).
Write out your frustrations or stresses about school in a journal.
Send a quick email to a loved one.
Cuddle a pet or stuffed animal.

What’s your favorite mini-break?

Interesting Links: The Right Way to Take a Study Break, The Psychology of Getting More Done, A Year of Productivity on breaks, Zen Habits on breaks.


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