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Self-Care Sunday: Show You Care

In honor of the ending of Culture of Care Week, I wanted to share their AMAZING video. Throughout the week, actors staged various scenes on campus to see how students would react (while secretly being filmed). The caring responses of strangers in these video clips make my heart swell. When you reach out to care for another, you are caring for yourself by holding true to your values. If you value kindness, respect, and safety, then take opportunities to show it — you’ll improve everyone’s day, not just the person you help. It feels good to care — it feels good to have alignment between your values and your actions — and it does the world good. Thanks for your amazing work, Culture of Care. Learn more about the initiative at


Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

I figured out a great way to share the calendar for SAAM at IU! At this link you can see a full-sized PDF and download it to print out! Please post it on your dorm or office door and share SAAM with your friends. To download, click on “share” and you will be presented with sharing options on Facebook, email, Twitter, etc…and a download button. We recommend you click on all of them. 🙂